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Application & Data

Security Domain

We are at a stage where the value of data is recognized to be perhaps the most valuable of all assets that an organization could own. Cyberthreats tend to primarily focus on the extraction of data from their potential targets. Our expertise in this domain is ingrained into the protection of applications, seen from the angle that applications are inherently vulnerable to cyberattacks through exploitation of codes and the development process through which they were written. Thus, services in this domain are all about understanding the applications and data at our clients’ environments, then to monitor and protect them from the development stage to its production use, whether the data is at rest or on the move. 

Identity & Access Management Domain 

Identity and access management is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of cybersecurity and one of the building blocks to achieve a positive cybersecurity posture. ESH has been delivering solutions in this area for well over a decade already and services most of the top tier enterprises and public sector, combining product, services, and best practices. ESH continues to expand on this area, and integrates big data from across the network, behaviour analytics, AI etc with the ultimate aim to spot any unexpected usage of identities and to make appropriate response as necessary. 


Network Security Domain

The traditional network security boundary is evolving as businesses and technologies change to adapt to new realities. The line between office, cloud, home has all but dissipated. Network security team is the first line of defence and tasked with the most prominent security measures, while dealing with the ever more porous perimeter for our clients. Riding on the various solutions already in place, we aim to enhance the overall interoperability of the solutions, offer comprehensive contextual overview, and to detect threats early by correlating data from existing devices and finally, to execute pre-emptive defence measures. Moving this platform to the cloud, this offering is intended to integrate with existing network security services already setup in partners or clients alike, to offer advance cybersecurity oversight to an existing infrastructure.

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