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Experienced team, leading-edge technology tools and next generation approach to complement security solutions for channel partners

How cybersecurity should be done?

Cybersecurity persists to be a fast changing industry, with evolving technologies both to attack and to defend an increasingly larger community. We believe that cloud based cybersecurity solutions, offered via managed detection and response (MDR) platform, could universally work with existing partner-offered solutions, and fashion additional security by integrating manned and artificial intelligence into the specific domains. 

App & Data Security

Cyberthreats tend to primarily focus on the extraction of data from their potential targets. Our expertise in this domain is ingrained into the protection of applications.

Identity & Access Management

Integrate big data from across the network, behaviour analytics, AI etc with the ultimate aim to spot any unexpected usage of identities and to make appropriate response as necessary.

Network Security

Enhance the overall interoperability of the solutions, offer comprehensive contextual overview, and to detect threats early by correlating data from existing devices.


Let’s talk about how ESH can help you advance securely.

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